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Many parts of the world are not serviced by electrical utilities. In many cases, electrical service is available but at prohibitive prices. Utility line extensions typically cost $25,000 per mile. Utilities often discourage remote connections because of high maintenance costs. Consequently, off-grid locations have often been shunned as potential home sites, since so many of the conveniences of the modern world rely upon electricity; with the exception of those solely powered by propane gas.

In the last decade, cost-effective renewable energy systems, couple with powerful inverters, has opened the way to reliable, full-time independent electrical service, anywhere in the world! Thousands of off-grid homeowners have connected to a new kind of power company -- their own. Instead of paying for costly utility line extension, or running noisy and expensive-to-operate generators, they are choosing battery-based electrical systems. Many of them now report that they enjoy cheaper and more reliable electrical service than their "connected" neighbors. (In fact, off-grid electrical systems have proven so cost effective and reliable that even utility companies are recommending them for remote customers.) Great Lakes Alternative Energy Systems looks forward to helping you create your own independent electrical service for a fraction of what it would cost to extend utility lines.

Renewable Energy Sources

Many independent electrical systems rely on renewable energy sources for battery recharging. The power of the sun, wind, and even moving water is harnessed to provide electrical power for homes, farms, ranches, and seasonal residences. What these systems have in common is that their source of electrical energy is clean, non-polluting and, after initial purchase, virtually free.

Renewable energy is hardly a new concept -- wind generators have been in use worldwide for most of this century. What is new is that the advent of efficient and power inverters has now made these systems practical for everyday use. Solar electric systems and wind generators charge batteries when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. When all else fails  gas, diesel, or propane generators coupled to the powerful battery chargers built into inverters, can provide reliable back-up power to the renewable-energy systems.

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